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How you can help

As a business

Corporate sponsorship is key to our effectiveness, with your involvement we are able to ensure on-going support to local projects which create safer, healthier and happier communities for all.

Recent government acts have placed great emphasis on partnership working between the private, public and voluntary sectors in order to secure the steady improvements in our social and business communities that, as responsible citizens, we all wish to see.

The North Wales Police and Community Trust was established as a direct response to these requirements and it makes a significant contribution to improved community safety within north Wales. Much of the good work would not have been possible without our corporate supporters.

Support for the Trust helps achieve the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibilities) objectives of business, but it also has real rewards in attracting and retaining employees.
In return for your support, we can offer a number of benefits.

  • Opportunities to meet key public and private sector figures
  • Annual networking event with other key supporters
  • Invitation to all our Trustee only events including cheque presentations and launches
  • On going acknowledgement in our newsletter
  • Acknowledgement on our website
  • Quarterly newsletter for you and your workforce (which can be incorporated into your own in-house newsletter)
  • Certificate for your workplace

As an individual

The Trust is very grateful to the members who support us.

If you would like to make a donation to the North Wales Police and Community Trust simply contact the PACT office to discuss and arrange to send a donation by cheque.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a simple scheme which permits all one-off donations by UK taxpayers, however big or small, to qualify for income tax relief. Contact the PACT office for a form and we can claim an additional 22p from the Treasury for every £1 you donate.

The further good news, from the donor’s view point, is that if they are a higher rate (40%) taxpayer then any charitable gift will also reduce their tax bill.

As a volunteer

From youth mentoring to working with some of our partners on a project or running an event, volunteers form a vital part of all the projects we support. Volunteers are the people who make the difference.

Could you help us organise a fundraising event? Or maybe help send out our newsletter? Or keep our website up to date?

Whatever your talent, we welcome your help.

If you would like to volunteer with the North Wales Police and Community Trust or with one of our projects, please contact us.