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Porthmadog Shed-ucation

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Posted on 20th Aug 2017

The Porthmadog Safer Neighbourhood Team and Hen Ysgol Nursery are breaking new ground in community engagement with funding from PACT. 

On Wednesday, August 9, Community Support Officer Paula Stewart presented ‘Hen Ysgol’ Nursery with a Police and Community Trust [PACT] cheque of £200.

The money will go towards gardening tools and shed locks for the nursery’s new allotment in the ‘Cae Pawb’ plot in Porthmadog.      

CSO Paula Stewart applied for the funding as a means to support the children’s learning of sustainability, healthy eating and rural safety over summer.

CSO Stewart said: “After a spate of burglaries last year we’ve got everyone on site involved with shed-ucation to keep they’re equipment safe.”    

Shed thefts are a common but preventable offence in rural areas, so Paula has taken the opportunity to ‘sheducate’ the children about securing expensive equipment.

 She is also raising awareness around Stranger Danger and North Wales Police’s ‘Say Hello to a PCSO’ initiative.

CSO Stewart added: “While teaching them to keep safe it think they’ve has a good summer so far.”















For more updates on events like this in the Porthmadog area, follow HGC De Gwynedd / NWP Gwynedd South 

‘Shed-uaction’ is a continuing NWP awareness programme to reduce shed theft by keeping equipment secure: https://www.north-wales.police.uk/advice-and-support/safer-homes/shed-ucation      

CSO Stewart also invited the nursery to Dolgellau custody suite on August 4: https://www.facebook.com/NWPGwyneddSouth/photos/a.260606347667793.1073741828.223715521356876/428263644235395/?type=3&theater