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Plastic Police

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Posted on 15th Aug 2017

The South Gwynedd Safer Neighbourhood Team have teamed up with the Cambrian Beach Blue Wave Team [CBBWT] to retain the beaches’ blue flags.

Plastic on our beaches is a major hazard to the coastal communities.

Micro plastics are tiny plastic particles and fibres left over after larger sea waste is broken down and mixed into the sand.

These toxic particles are eaten by sea creatures and coastal birds. The particles also pose a risk to beach visitors, as the particles are burned in campfires or BBQs; they release harmful toxins like PCB and Chloroform.

Community Support Officers Dai Hughes, Sian Davies and Elliw Williams applied for, and received Police and Communities Trust [PACT] funding to supply two human powered electrostatic screens.

The screens will be given to the volunteers of the CBBWT to help reduce the amount of micro-plastics in the sand.

Dianna Tregenza, CBBWT member said: “The initiative will protect both Ocean and Wildlife leaving our beaches cleaner for all to enjoy. I would like to thank the local PCSOs and PACT for their support.”

PCSO Dai Hughes said: “A project that is environmentally Safe, to be carried out by local volunteers which has a positive effect on the community is a scheme worthy of the support provided by PACT.    

“It also assists our policing objective which is to reduce Anti -Social Behaviour, demonstrating a willingness to engage with members of our Community, building trust and confidence in the Police, delivering a Project the meets the needs of our Community.”  

The team’s work, using these devices will reduce the amount of micro-plastics in the sand, protecting coastal wildlife.

As summer progresses more people will be enjoying campfires and BBQs on the beach, and now there will be less risk from harmful chemicals.

Maintaining the beaches’ blue flag status will support tourism in the area.