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Justice in a Day enters its seventh year

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Posted on 12th Apr 2017

Now in our seventh year teenagers have been given an incredible insight into the youth justice system through theatre and education through our headline project Justice in a Day’, a partnership between Theatr Clwyd and the Police and Community Trust (PACT).

This year the scheme, sponsored by ScottishPower, involved about 50 north Wales schools highlighting vital issues in crime and the criminal justice system.

For the first time since the project was created seven years ago, it was also taken to schools in Cardiff and Shrewsbury to create a lasting impact with more young people, encouraging them not to go down the route of criminality.

Justice in a Day involves a series of workshops with professional actors taking part in an interactive day for high school students in years eight and nine.

The project was led each day by Emyr John and performed by professional actors Bethany Gwyn, Dion Lloyd Jones and Morgan Rees-Davies, which follow a character called Connor from before he committed a crime, to his arrest, trial, imprisonment and the consequences for both his family and friends and the victim.

It is deliberately hard-hitting and uncompromising in its approach, to give young people a basis upon which to make informed decisions about the choices they are presented with. Once again we have been supported by local courts in Mold, Wrexham, Prestayn, Llandudno, Caernarfoin and Llangefni together with our volunteer magistrates pronounces a sentence on the protagonist in the drama, who is then led away to the cells.

Emyr John said: “Every year we try to make things different so depending on what’s affecting young people at the moment is what we will work with.

“You have to keep it current and we work closely with our local police officers who are very good at saying what issues they have been dealing with, with young people in the area.

“We try to talk to as many people as we can to keep things relevant. The project is a good way of letting people know this really is how it all works.”

This year we were joined in Mold by David Hanson MP who said: “It’s a really good scheme to show young people the consequences of criminal activity. The project aims to help young people understand that this is not a game and crime has real consequences, and issues like sexting is something that could end up destroying their lives.”